The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

How much life does the MCU have left on the big screen? This powerful machine that was created between Marvel and Disney has been a staple of the 10’s and now we are in the 20’s (Albeit a bit of a rough start) the question is, when will this fade end? how will it end? what is there ultimate endgame.

Not that i would want it to end, i have enjoyed this journey through so many films they have achieved something amazing in such a short period of time. Its masterful and something that is ingrained into history of film making.

Now the interesting thing about the MCU is that it breaks alot of rules. All models that exist successful or unsuccessful franchises have nothing to compaire to the MCU. Franchise either die or die then reboot and at a stretch die-rebirth many years later. But MCU doesnt fit into this, the core source has been going since the 60’s and still going strong. The films have an infinity of storylines and material to keep this fresh for many many decades. Yes i said decades.

But it is unlikely that we will see this, trends occure because of th people keeping focus and well the MCU achieved an impossible with Infinity War and Endgame. They created the ultimate end to something but it wasnt the end. Now we enter into Phase Four which we can only speculate where this is going. Now 2020 could be damaging towards the interest but in a time when people needs focus they are looking at this more than every. The expectations are high for the next chapter in this fable.

So when does all this end? if there is anything to look towards, i would say the MCU is its only model and they already gave us the three phase approach, so what we can expect from Phase Four is set up for Phase Five and Phase Six which we know this is where they are heading.

The question is, by time they get to Phase Six will they continue the franchise? will there be interest and what would it look like? I find it very unlikely that when we get to Phase Six ending that we will see a Phase Seven. This is mostly because of two things, the people that are making the films probably at this point would of worked on the franchise for over 20 years so new blood would be promoted and with that comes unease. Secondly by time they get to the end of Phase Six, what franchise would be left to follow. All the big hitters would of had their story told, we would be introduced to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, probably Namor – what comes next?

You could look at something revolutionary like some of the lesser known characters of modern era being promoted up to the big leagues, but this is happening now with the likes of Ms Marvel. So really there is no vision of what a Phase Seven could look like.

In theory, Phase Six is the perfect time to end it. It gives the oppertunity to end this shared universe and they could then focus on smaller groups of stories splintered off not worrying about having to co-exist for a shared overal story arch. Plus by 2030 roughly when this phase will end its the right age for actors like Robert Downey Jr to reprise his role as Iron Man to have one last tip of the hat.

Ok seems bleak but it feels right to end it at Phase Six, i would love to see this go on and on until we reach Phase one hundred. but it wouldnt be benificial and like what Harvey Dent said in The Dark Knight you ether die a hero or live long enough to become a villain and if this franchise continues it will become hated. So really the best business plan they could have is to make the ending of Phase Six thee end of this.

So where would you go in a post Phase Six era?

Singular franchise stories, meaning no more shared universe. Continue with characters that can provide a series of epic films.

Good example of this is Fox’s X-Men – wither you like them or not they have had a successful run outside of this MCU and infact because of this is probably how we ended up with the MCU in the first place.

as we know The X-Men are being introduced, so are Fantastic Four, they would only have a chance to breath in phase six before the lights go out. But this is Marvels future.

After Phase Six. The X-Men could continue the frachise on away from the likes of Avengers. they have alot of stories and shifting the focus from Avengers to X-Men makes sense.

Professor X is going to be a big part of this new world unlike the fox’s x-men world Professor X is the MCU is going to be a focal point of rights, of protection, of debate. Between him and MrFantastic and the Avengers whoever will be the voice of the Avengers going forward you needd to stand out. The X-Men can continue what the Avengers started and played through during the Phase one to three. But all the big hitters will be gone, and replaced.

So you will need something powerful to carry it and that is The X-Men Franchise under Disney. And moving away from a shared universe is not exactly what i mean – when it comes to the big story its focus should be on the x-men world but doesnt mean characters from all over the franchise could appear. Its just the focus shifting.

This is where i see the future of the MCU, it will still be the MCU but it will be more heavily focused on the x-men, and any story marvel releases outside of it would still fit into this world but would be more individual stories.

There is a future out there but it might not be the future you invision.

If Iron Man Movies was retold as if it was Batman

So as per my previous post. This is what a Batman film would be like it it used Ironman as a bases for a rebooted story FYI this is not a “they should make this film” this is just to show that if you totally rebooted Batman’s origin and updated what Batman is for the new age how someone like Batman could have an amazing Film Franchise

I titled this Batman: The Awakening.


Bruce Wayne who has inherited the science tech contractor Wayne Enterprise from his father Thomas Wayne, is at a tech expo in Japan with his friend and body guard soon to join the Gotham Police Department Jim Gordon to demonstrate the new “Enhanced Tactical Suit” . After the demonstration, the convoy is ambushed and Bruce is kidnapped by The League Of Shadows, captured and imprisoned at the Leagues base “The Lazarus Pit” Dr.Crane, a fellow captive doctor, helps Bruce to concurs his fears and agrees to help him escape, The Leagues leader Raz Al Ghul offers Bruce freedom in exchange for building the tactical suitsfor the group, but he and Crane know that Raz will not keep his word.

Bruce and Crane secretly build a new type of tactical suit to aid in their escape. Although they keep the suit hidden almost to completion, the The League discover their hostages’ intentions and attack the workshop. Crane sacrifices himself to divert them while the suit fully charges. The armored Bruce battles his way out of the cave to find crane has been taken away to be killed, then burns the The Lazarus Pit in anger and flies away, crashing in the desert and destroying the suit. After being rescued by Jim Gordon, Bruce returns to Gotham and announces that his company will cease manufacturing tech for the government. Dr.Victor Fries his father’s old partner and the company’s manager, advises Bruce that this may ruin Wayne Enterprise and his father’s legacy. In his home workshop, Bruce builds a sleeker, more powerful version of his improvised armor suit as well as building a base of operations “The Batcave”. Though Fries requests details, a suspicious Bruce decides to keep his work to himself.

At a charity event held by Wayne Enterprise reporter Vikki Vale informs Bruce that his company’s tactical suits were recently delivered to the The League Of Shadows and are being used to attack Around the world, Bruce dons his new armor “Bat Suit” and travels to a small town where he tracks down some league members, where he saves the villagers. While flying home, Bruce is chased by two gotham police vehicles He reveals his secret identity to Jim Gordon over the phone in an attempt to end the pursuit. Meanwhile, the The League Of Shadows gather the pieces of Bruces prototype Bat suit and meet with Fries who has been trafficking the suits to criminals worldwide and has staged a coup to replace Bruce as Wayne Enterprises’ CEO by hiring the The League Of Shadows to kill him. In doing so Fries would be able to fund his research into cryogenics which Bruce’s father deemed a lost cause. He subdues Raz Al Ghul and has the rest of the group killed. Fries has a massive new suit reversed engineered using his cryogenic tech from the wreckage of the proto Bat Suit. Seeking to track his company’s illegal shipments, Bruce sends Rachel his personal assistant to hack into its database. She discovers that Fries hired the The League to kill Bruce, but the group reneged when they realized they had a direct route to Bruces weapons. Rachel meets with Agent Jon Johnson of J.U.S.T.I.C.E an meta human agency to inform him of Fries activities.

Fries scientists cannot duplicate Bruce’s exact suit programs so Fries ambushes Bruce at Wayne manor and takes the one from his suit. Bruce manages to get to his original programme now called “Alfred” to replace it. Rachel and several Justice agents attempt to arrest Fries, but he dons his “Mr Freeze” suit and attacks them. Bruce now as Batman fights Mr Freeze but is outmatched without his new Programme to run his suit at full capacity. The fight carries Batman and Mr Freeze to the top of the Wayne Enterprise building, and Bruce instructs Rachel to overload the power grid powering the building. This unleashes a massive electrical surge that causes Victor Fries and his Mr Freeze Suit to malfunction to fall into the near by lake the cryogenic cooler explodes freezing Victor effectively killing him.. The next day, at a press conference, Bruce defies suggestions from Justice Department and publicly admits to being “Batman.”

In a post credit scene Aquaman visits Bruce at home, telling him tha Batman is not “the only hero in the world”, and explaining that he wants to discuss the Justice League

The Problem With Batman On Film

The Problem With Batman On Film

Every now and then i look at a franchise especially ones that have failed at reboots and compaire them to successful reboots. Now that statement “Successful Reboots” seems like an almost Oxymoron given the history surrounding the notion of Rebooting a franchise. 

When you have an iconic character and multiple directors get a change to give their version of that character there is usually an angle, a clever look into a different side to something we thought we already knew. But once all those Angles have been exhausted there is simply nothing else to say about the character without it becoming just a cash cow.

For example… The character of Superman struggles to have a decent reboot because their is no way to really tell his story without covering old grounds. Hes an alien who looks like a human but has abilities that makes him like a super human… a superman. In my personal opinion everything you ever needed to be said about Superman stems from the Christopher Reeves run at portraying the character on film, that being said their was two notable exceptions which i refer to the “Louise and Clark tv series and the Smallvile tv series” because this pretty much covers superman at every angle and tv shows do play an important part in this on screen character.

This is why The Hulk has never been able to have a solo successful franchise movie, its been done, the only good use you have for the character is for him to appear in other franchises which they did in Avengers and other marvel property. Look at The Hulk film and The Incredible Hulk films they added nothing to the character as we seen it all from the made for tv movies that was made… or was it a tv show.

Anyway Batman! The problem we are now facing with Batman is that we have seen him at nearly every angle, We saw the introduction of a classic hero “The Tim Burton/and the other director” 4 film bonanza – we saw the sculted origin story of christopher nolans saga, we saw a terrible Justice League variant – Not Ben Afflecks fault more to do with the problem of putting a dark hero mixed into a ligh heros story. I’ll explain that later. We have gotham basically populating Gotham with its ethos. Whats left…? 

I saw the trailer to the Patterson Batman – to me, he looks fine as batman but as Bruce Wayne it doesnt feel right. I know why it doesnt feel right. The movie has fallen into the “DC Trying to do something like Marvel but this ultra-realistic connected universe is falling apart” scenario just doesnt work. 

But then i thought to myself, Well how do you make Batman interesting when everything has been done about him.

Simple, change his origin, change when its set, change the old style of what batman means and look at the world today and say to yourself how would Batman exist in a world today if it happened.

Its an interesting concept, you know who did it first? Marvel with Iron Man? the film was no surprise gonna be a hit not just because of its casting but also because they new had to put Ironman into the modern world. You could totally buy a Tony Stark doing what he did because it felt real. 

So what i did was, i looked at Wikipedia and took the plot of Iron Man and with a few creative tweeks changed the characters to Batman characters and ended up with a batman film that not only works, its completly different but very relivant.

Im not going to post the whole plot but i will try and give you the summary.

Bruce Wayne inherits his father business after his death, he is kidnapped by the league of shadows but escapes building a “Prototype Batman suit” Upon returning to Gotham he finds that his business partner working on Wayne technology “Dr.Victor Fries” tried to take control of the company so he could fund his research by the kidnapping of bruce wayne. However this war between business rivials leads to Victor going after Bruce and thus trying to steal his Batman suit design. Victor builds his “Mr.Freeze” suit that he could then sell to further his business venture into cryogenics. Bruce adopts the mantel of Batman and stops him.

Its basically the plot of Iron Man 1 but look at how cool Batman would be if we changed the narrative of how batman works. A modern Batman, a playboy millionare company owner who uses his wealth to undo wrong doings in his own company. Plus it gives Mr.Freeze a chance to come to the big screen in a way that you could actually think… “Well this isnt a giant silver tinsel christmas tree running around”

Further more, iron man 2 and 3 gives a even more exiciting way to introduce currently known characters in a very different light. The Joker as being an ex-Wayne enterprise employee. The Riddler being rejected years ago for help with his project only for it to come back and in the 3rd movie to create chaos. 

My point being is that Batman needs to shed its old and step into the new. Were not asking for Batman of the future/Batman Beyond – which they should make. But we need something that hasnt already been done. gotham is no longer gothic, technology is king in this current times so use it. Use the problems of this world to voice how batman would stand within it. and maybe just maybe if DC just saw the formula for success like Marvel did then we would of had a better Justice League creation.

If you want me to write out my full plot for a rebooted Batman film based on alot more complexities let me know in the comments and i will make it my next post.

So… it’s been a while

Yep, it has been quite a few years.. minus 2020 but nobody is counting this year. As time progresses and nobody seems to know what day of the week it is. Hence the Jim Carrey mood chart to remind you how you used to feel on certain days of the week.

Where do I begin. So I have a million thoughts to share with you all so expect more blogs. Once I can be bothered to write them. But wow 2017 to now a lot has happened.

So basically when I started Planet Nerdy it was a way to express my thoughts on how wrong the world is and here is how to fix it. These days nobody would listen anyway. But over the past three-four years I have had some challenging and tough times presented to me. Almost one after another. But maybe 2020 is a bizarre gift. A change to change all changes with handsanitizrrs at the ready.

If we ever go back to normal them f n ell there is a lot of backlog to watch. So to give you and idea of what my next post is gonna be about. Well let me give you the title.

Batman movie franchise. Do we really need another Batman movie and does anyone actually buy Patterson as Bruce Wayne? It doesn’t feel right and guess what . Here’s how to fix it.

Planet Nerdy’s Top 12 Pics For TV Shows

I love television. Which is why I hardly watch it, when I say I love television what I mean is we have created some amazing influential shows over the years. And I absolutely love the whole process from creating the shows, reading spoilers, then of course watching them. But I’m very difficult to win over so I have to be really convinced if I like a show. So what I have is my personal Top 12 of three genres. (Hopefully this might inspire you to watch some of them someday)

Top 12: Animation

12. South Park

11. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

10. Venture Bros

09. Metalocalypse

08. Archer

07. Drawn Together

06. SeaLab 2021

05. Family Guy

04. Rick & Morty

03. American Dad

02. The Simpsons

01. Ren & Stimpy

Top 12: Comedy

12. Wilfred

11. Trailer Park Boys

10. Portlandia

09. The Office

08. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 

07. Community 

06. Better Off Ted

05. Arrested Development 

04. Brooklyn Nine nine 

03. 3rd Rock From The Sun

02. Married With Children

01. How I Met Your Mother

Top 12: Drama

12. Shameless 

11. Gotham

10. Preacher

09. Lucifer

08. Hannibal

07. Dexter 

06. Scream

05. True Blood

04. The Walking Dead

03. Lost

02. Ugly Betty

01. Breaking Bad

By the way these lists are not ranked


Looking back to when I first started this blog I didn’t really think I’d keep it going this long, after 5 years I realised I loved writing articles for this. But the past few years I haven’t had much time. 

Now I do so expect more articles coming soon.

Bring Back Community

When something is done right, don’t cancel it and listen to the actors. 

Admittedly I have only started watching Community but forgive me I have only had Netflix for two years and I’m glad I only just discovered it because I’ve watched a lot of shows. Alas I’ve seen all 6 season and there will be no more???

See the thing is, whenever a show is done great America has a habit of axing the really great ones and extending ones that should of finished already beyond a logical point. You only have to look at tv show friends to understand this point, this show was great but 10 season of will Ross and Rachel get back together… It had gone on too long. But that show had a logical ending point. 

Then I look at Big Bang theory, how I met your mother… All these shows which were great are now over done to the point were rewatching the same scenarios just new seasons. Yet the networks keep these shows running. Well how I met your mother ended a few years ago. But that is another case of not letting that show go. 

With community it’s different, it’s construct was brilliant and showed that people of all ages could hang out and have fun. Then the righting went weird. See you had a brilliant case and how they chose to develop them was sort of shocking. To the point Chevy chase left the show because of his characters development. I don’t blame him. He was one of the funniest elements of the show and they turned him into a villain the others wanted to ignore. Such a waste. 

The first season was great, you had Jeff who acted as the cool character of the group and shown he is also intelligent then they decided he’s going to be an emotional wreck one minute and on some occasions he acts like an idiot and not in the cool way he did before but in a vain narcissistic way. Slowly they were making him less cool. 

The only two characters who were great throughout was Troy & Abid but even in season four they messed with the dynamic by making a Troy Bretta relationship that just seemed uneasy. 

And the rest of the cast they just kind of changed to suit the story.

Ok a lot of negatives why would I want this show to return? 

Well it’s simple, this show could of been excellent but you need to go back to the start. When everything worked. This show hasn’t had a logical ending and you need to bring back Troy and Pierce… You could easily explain Pierces ressurection via some method like he wasn’t actually dead. 

We need shows like this, like Hannibal and so many more that got cancelled when studios just wanna make other less funny shows a syndication. 

Your research isn’t the demographic – we are the demographic 

Is it time to bring back an X-Men Cartoon Series? 

Sort answer, yes… Everyone remembers X-Men The animated series, X-Men evolution and Well nobody really knows why they made Wolverine and the X-Men but we are in a Flux where kids of the 90’s want to see a more mature cartoon. There was a time when Origin stories plagued films and TV but now prequel television shows are a must. Which makes X-Men an animated series perfect for now. We need a new X-Men outlit in this medium.

By the way any thoughts or ideas I have Marvel your welcome to use them… 

Back in 2004, I had an idea for a more mature X-Men cartoon series that revolved around Evolution. A mixture of Science, Humour, History and Adventure. We had just had X-Men Evolution at the time and well… It left us wanting something else. My idea was what if we was able to follow X-Men threw history, like the stories that unfold in the decades, pick the best story arches and make a sort of history of the x-men cartoon. I further had the idea to set each season after decades. Season 1 would of been set in the 60’s, season 2 70’s and so forth. I thought this could really revitalise the idea of the cartoon genre. Weirdly enough they kind of did this in the three prequel x-men films lol. But even still, let me pitch season 1 of how I invision a x-men cartoon series.

Oh I thought calling the cartoon The Uncanny X-Men would be a brilliant name and distance itself enough from the movies. But gives a nod to the comics.

Season 1 – followed the story of Charles Xavier and Eric Lenshire two opposing sides of a war on mutants. We get to see how Charles and Eric met, why they took different sides, and them building there team which was directly the same as there first team in the comics. 

X-men (cyclops, Jean, iceman, beast, -‘Angel)

Brotherhood (toad, mastermind, scarlet witch & quicksilver) 

The series saw the two fighting against each other but classic villains would be introduced for example juggernaufht, blob, mimic… Anything that came from 63 to 69 in the years of marvel comics would become season one. 

Even had the idea of Xavier coming face to face with the mutant who crippled him. 

What I also wanted to have is cameos interwoven so even though they didn’t appear in the comics at the time. Characters from the future comics who have history gets cameos and then explored in the era they came out. 
So hopefully one day they might look at this and think… Let’s make it.

Why some Marvel movies work & Others don’t. 

One of the funniest things I see with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I’m not just talking about franchise with marvel studios buy fox and Sony, is that they don’t seem to get that what really sells is seeing something new.

Now the problem that Spider-Man or Hulk films or even Fantastic Four films didn’t do so well, well actually the latter is a different reason but Spider-Man and Hulk well, they have had many big screen adventures and even tv. Who doesn’t know the origin of Peter Parker or hulk at this point. You can show off the new technology they can use to make Spider-Man or hulk look good but you can’t put them in a singular movie anymore. They are literally so over told stories you just can’t go down the singular film anymore with them.

Fantastic four had a different story, the first attempt I thought was good but suffered from the problems of it being a family film like the comic is family pg ish and you just had long time adult fans watching it and thinking wtf. The second fantastic four film could of been way better.

Look at iron man, Thor or guardians of the galaxy they worked because they was new.