MCU Theory – Captain America is Captain Britains Father – Updated

I can’t remember if I actually posted on the subject but I’ve given it a lot of thought and well… it keeps making more sense.

Here’s my theory.

After AVENGERS ENDGAME – Steve Rogers arrives in 1949 to reunite with Peggy Carter. However knowing that Steve has knowledge of the future, using her powers at SHIELD gives Steve Rogers a new identity. “Braddock” which is her mothers maiden namestill wanting to serve Peggy gives him a new suit to which covers his face. Known only as Agent: Braddock.

Some time in the 1950’s Peggy and Steve get married and have a Child, They name him “James Braddock” however due to the risky nature of working with Shield. “James Braddock” is sent to live with Peggy’s Grandparents in the UK.

Meanwhile Steve as Masked Agent Braddock leads a new task force called Sword, consisting of some of Shields top agents which also included Dum Dum Dugan and a young Nick Fury. Which acted as a strike force for Shield operations.

In 1970’s shield begins investigating all manor of other worldly technology. An Electrical device once created by Armin Zola is stolen by a shield/hydra agent Miguel Santos – becoming “Living Lighting” able to generate huge lighting storms causing mass devastation. Sword is sent in deal with the situation. Being closely monitored by Peggy Carter – at the same time (PRE-Endgame ending Steve Rogers and Tony Stark arrive )

As questions around Agent Braddock starts to question his knowledge and identity. Peggy and Steve move to the UK to reconnect with there son. Also Peggy is approached to set up a “Shield & Sword” like division for the UK. The result of which is “Strike & Excalibur” Peggy ran Strike and Steve ran Excalibur (Strike consisted of Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis whom was to act as short term iaison for Howard Stark) (Excalibur on the other hand was lead by Steve as Agent Braddock, other members included Merlin Pendragon, Black Knight with new members joining throughout the years)

Sometime in the 1980’s Excalibur go head to head with The Winter Guard. In a one on one fight between Agent Braddock & Red Guardian Agent Braddock mask gets broken revealing Steve’s face to Red Guardian who recognises him as Captain America from old propaganda posters. Red Guardian escapes, but fearing his secret would be revealed he retires from Excalibur

Meanwhile Steve and Peggy both go into retirement and go live at the Braddock estate. To which Peggy’s Grandparents raised there son. There Son Dr.James Braddock is in his 30’s Married and has 3 kids. James Braddock Jr, Brian Braddock and Elizabeth Braddock. During an accident Dr.James Braddock and his wife is killed which causes Steve and Peggy to raise there Grand Children.

In 2012 during the Televised event of the alien attack. Brian Braddock recognises that Captain America looks like his grandfather. In his investigation he finds a secret room in the Braddock estate. Which houses Steve Rogers Endgame Captain America suit plus his Agent Braddock suit. Forced to confront his grandparents they explain everything to him. Noticing he has inherited his grandfathers super strength Steve I courage’s His grandson Brian to become a hero himself. Thus Brian Braddock becomes Captain Britain.

Upon his new role, he is invited to join Excalibur and lead, currently being looked after by Eric Brooks / Blade and Intern Megan.

In 2021 Captain Britain sends Blade to invites the Dane Whitman nephew of the original black knight to take on the mantle.

In 2023 – During the events of Kang’s Quantumania attack. The Avengers are aided by the new allies EXCALIBUR featuring the new team Captain Britain, Black Knight, Megan, Elsa Bloodstone, Blade and Moon Knight.

So that’s my theory. This would soo fit in the MCU

How To Introduce Captain Britain in the MCU

How To Introduce Captain Britain in the MCU

Now before i begin i feel i need to explain the comic book version of Captain Britain. Brian Braddock was born the United Kingdom, He has an elder brother named Jamie who is a mutant who can manipulate reality and a fraternal twin sister Betsy whom we know as Psylocke from the X-Men Franchise. However early in the life of Brian he was just a student studying science. After his parents die, Brian takes control of Darkmoor Nuclear research centre, after a near fatal motocycle accident he is rescued by Meryln and his daughter that offer him the oppertunity to become Captain Britain in the form of either selecting an Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Believing he was no hero he chose the Amulet and thus granted him to become Captain Britain. The rest is essentially the stories followed in the comic books but i just wanted to give you what the comic book origins of Brian Braddock/Captain Britain just for a basis for this article.

Now connecting this to the MCU isnt difficult. You could follow the same comic book origins but i feel there is a much more exciting origin we could offer.

The name Braddock already appears in the MCU infact its the name mentioned by Peggy Carter in Avengers Endgame. Somewhat denoting this character already exists. But if this is the case then Captain Britain would be very old by time it came to the current films are set. But Lets dispell the comic book origins for a second and allow me to give you my thoughts on how we could essentially create one of the greatest progressions and secrets of the MCU that could push the franchise forward but still connect with the past MCU franchises.


LOL that got your attention, now i dont mean in the way you think. In my overview, there is a number of indicators that could be tied together with this story and i will piece them together with my Narrative.

Those indicators are.

  1. Peggy Carter stating Braddock in AVENGERS ENDGAME
  2. Captain America goes back to the past to be with Peggy
  3. Dane Whitman (Black Knight) and his sword in ETERNALS movie
  4. Red Gaurdian’s story of fighting Captain America in the 80’s in the BLACK WIDOW movie.

So let me paint the picture.

When Steve Rogers goes back in time to return the Infinity Stones, he stays back to live his life out with Peggy Carter. Steve is American and Peggy is British. The question is what did Steve do in the past and although the directors and Marvel folk have given conflicting views i couldnt imagine that Steve just hung up his shield and said “Im going to be a stay at home dad”

So i figure Steve upon return was given a top secrete identity to avoid any time travel paradoxs from occuring. This in the form of Steve Braddock… notice i didnt say Brian Braddock. In the scene in Peggy Carters office she has a photo of steve on her desk and when she enters they are talking about “Braddock’s” mission. What if that was Steve Rogers as Braddock. Now we dont see where Steve and Peggy go after the reunion at Peggy’s American home. So it makes sense to me that Peggy and Steve essentially move to England. I figure that too many people would identify Captain America by Steves face alone. So there move to England is kind of a Witness Protection kind of act. Which there Steve was able to assume a new identity that of Steve Braddock. Steve Braddock then takes on the mantel of Captain Britain. This way he was able to use his abilities to help fight in events without people knowing his identity.

Peggy and Steve Rogers (Braddock) has a child whom we will call James Braddock (Named after James “Bucky” Barnes) During there life Peggy and Steve raised here son but with Steve having the alter ego of Captain Britain. After many years and there son getting to the right age, Steve’s final mission as Captain Britain ends up agains the Red Gaurdian in the 80’s But Red Gaurdian discovers that Captain Britain is actually Captain America. some kind of reveal thing during the fight. This would make sense with Red Gaurdians comments in the Black Widow movie.

As Steve retires from that role, His son James Braddock discovers he has the same super soldier ability handed down by genetics. Meaning that James Braddock is a mutant which was caused by Steve Rogers his father forced mutation. So James Braddock takes on the mantel of Captain Britain 2. Sort of a passing torch kind of scenario.

During James Braddocks run at being Captain Britain, We forms his superhero identity and function into a team, Excaliber, to which operated a little bit like the franchise Kingsmen. This secret agency, consisted of Dane Whitman Cr as the first Black Knight, a tech savy version of Meryl that creates technology for them but also incorpoates Magical, Alien or other technology. Forth member is Elizabeth who is more of a special agent that helps organise the missions. Exaliber runs for many years with new members poppin in and out over time, one of which is a young Blade.

Over time James Braddock falls in love with Elizabeth and they leave to start a family. Similar scenario happens for Black Knight (uncle of Dane Whitman)

James Braddock and Elizabeth has three children. Charles, Brian and Betsy (note i have changed the elder son Jamie or Charles and ill explain that later) So now these children are born in the 80’s era which in modern mcu timeline would make them in there late 30’s to early 40’s now.

However James Braddock and Elizabeth end up in an accident to which they die. and this is how we introduce the 3rd Captain Britain who will be the MCU version that we see on screne. Nobody has been Black Knight or Captain Britain for some time mostly due to those retiring from the role when they had children.

So pushing through Avengers Endgame and phase four era. We have BLADE who is still a member of Excaliber, he has been investigating what happened to previous Exaliber members as they are being killed off. He sends the sword to Dane Whitman as the only living relative of the Black Knight and Blade eventually approaches Brian Braddock to take up the role of Captain Britain So who would be the threat doing this.

In my vision for introducing Captain Britain it explains he is the grandson of Captain America and Peggy Carter. But also the reason i said Jamie’s name is changed to Charles is because this could also be a way to introduce Charles Xavier of the MCU universe. A new origin.

In this origin, Charles Xavier is Charles Xavier Braddock, his brother is Brian Braddock Captain Britain 3rd and his sister is Psylocke. But the story goes deeper, Charles Xavier Braddock is actually the villain.

ONSLAUGHT. see Jamie Braddock in the comics was the older brother of Brian Braddock and was a mutant with the ability to control reality its not far off an explination of Charles Xaviers abilities if they went out of control. So imagine the Villian of a Captain Britain movie was ONSLAUGHT by Charles Xavier. the fight could lead to Carles Xavier Braddock loosing his ability to walk and now being sane he dedicates his life ot helping others with mutations. Further more he dropps Braddock from his name to not bring shame to his family anymore and moves to Westchester in New York… eventually becoming the MCU Charles Xavier.

now this would fit like a puzzle piece and fans would go absolutly nuts over this reveal i mean it gives you something new, it give you a WOW factor and it would give you a way to tell a story that has already been told before but with a new narrative.

What do you think?

They’re Calling Again… Frasier Reboot

but it is not the frasier based in Seattle. Set so many years later we find Frasier now nearering retirement or even is already retired but retirement doesnt sit well with him. There is also the relationship he has with his partner, his ex and his son fredrick. So this is how it would start.

The show focuses on the dynamic of Frasier and Fredrick’s relationship. Fredrick has moved to Chicargo and is now a cop “Following in his grandfathers footsteps” much to Frasiers dismay. The show follows the perspective of Fredrick trying to set up his new life with his Dog “Marty” named after his grandfather in tribute. His Neighbour becomes a potential love interest, which developes due to the fact she is a Dog Walker and looks after Freddy”s dog Marty. (Mirroring that of Daphne and Marty Crane’s role from frasier) subjectively. However The biggest problem in Fredricks’ life is the over bearing father Frasiers fame in the city. So Freddy is trying to make something of himself but he is constantly being reminded by his fathers popularity. Especially something he gets teased about in the police department he works in.

We then turn to Frasier, a few things has happened in Frasiers life, he is single once again. his wife passed away (The very character that Frasier came to Chicargo to be with) He is reaching his final days with his tv show and heading into retirement. But frasier doesnt want to stop. So he turns his attention to spending more time with Freddy which is getting in the way of Freddy’s life. This sounds like a classic sitcom troupee but there is a twist.

see by the end of the first episode Frasier realises one of two things, he is overbearing to Fredricks life and attempts to give him space. However he gets hired to be the police departments Psychologist. So now Freddy has to work with his father to solve crimes in Chicargo.

With this all together we now have the combined vehicle for a new show. We have reasons to bring back characters from past shows. but also as well Below i have put together a few actors/actresses that i think would compliment this new show. But for a very interesting reason. See Ed O’Neil was in Married With Children, Kel Thomson from Kenan and Kel, Solei Moon Frye from Punky Brewster and Reginal Vel Johnson from Family Matters. all these shows was based in Chicargo – so i thought this would make a great tribute to all the shows that appeared based in Chicargo, sure they wouldnt be playing the same characters but new ones for the show Crane.

Well thats my idea anyway but if they made this show id watch it.

ways To Introduce The Mutants In The MCU

Ways To Introduce The Mutants In The MCU

Everyone is anticipating how the X-Men will appear in the MCU. With no indication of an X-Men film and with MCU track record of introducing characters in other franchises before having there own film i wanted to explore possibilities of brininging X-Men Characters into the MCU and of course a potential look at what an X-Men Roster could look like.

First Off, we have to look at the franchises that already existed and im going to include spiderman because it does exist in the MCU and a partnership between Sony and Disney would be a great partnership.

Now i am going to focus on the franchises we have now, with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America having concluding ends. Given that most movies have a trilogy. It is the continuation of the newer characters i would look to progress and potentially place these x-men character intro’s mostly because this is where you would most likely havve the oppertunity to introduce them.

So quick recap. (MCU Phase Four)

Black Widow (2021)
Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings (2021)
Eternals (2021)
Spiderman No Way Home (2021)
Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness (2022)
Thor: Love And Thunder (2022)
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022)
The Marvels (2023)
Gaurdians Of The Galaxy (2023)
Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania (2023)
Fantastic Four (202X)
Blade (202X)

then we have the tv shows

Wandervision (2021)
The Falcon And The Winter Soldier (2021)
Loki (2021)
What If…? (2021)
Hawkeye (2021)
Moon Knight (2022)
She-Hulk (2022)
Ms.Marvel (2022)
Secret Invasion (2022)
I Am Groot (2022)
Iron Heart (TBA)
Armor Wars (TBA)
Echo (TBA)
Agatha: House Of Harkness (TBA)
Spider-Man: Freshman Year (TBA)
Marvel Zombies (TBA)

See i figure that some of these TV shows will transcend to Phase 5 with future seasons which is why i have included them. But lets start with the movies. Firstly Black Widow is a done deal, meaning although it introduced us to Black Widows family, Black Widow herself is gone and the family may appear throughout other stories meaning there wont be a continuation of the Black Widow saga – as much as this was a solo movie it was also the concluding chapter that was missing previously in the MCU. Same could be said with Spiderman but i look at it slightly different, Spiderman is difficult because it fits within the MCU but wants the freedom of being the sony universe so No Way Home kind of severs that ties, but frees it to be existing in the MCU but can tell its own stories without effecting too much of the MCU marvel side. hence the reset. so potentially they could introduce more marvel characters in spiderman but the stories would not necessarily feature heavily these characteres. Black Panther has had to evolve due to the sadly departed timing of the lead actor. But without seeing the sequel to show the set up for the future it is hard to predect events happening. But doesnt remove this as a contender to the X-Men introdution.

I am going to sum it up, if a tv show or movie is missing from my list its because i figure its either going to be a one off show or the franchise has ended. so i will run through the list.

The Falcone & Winter Soldier – Season 2 or Captain America 4 – this is a tricky story because i figure The Falcone and Winter Soldier could of had a second season. But on the other hand it wouldnt be called The Facone and WInter Soldier anymore. Hes Captain America now. But that being said insteadd of making a Captain America 4 film… it would be far greater to have the movie as a tv series instead. Captain America and The Winter Soldier tv show… the reason i say this is because the tv show really delved into the past of the super serum super soldier programe and thus we learnt alot more of the missing years between Captain America steve rogers from when he went into the ice to when he came out of it. And that should be the basis of History being dug up as a concept for Captain America films or tv shows. and i feel that the tv show has more time to tell the story. With that being said whats this got to do with X-Men… well super serum soldiers are a big nod to the creation of Wolverine who was Weapon X and if your not familiar with the comics Captain America was Weapon 1 Isaiah bradly was also a Weapon 2 or 3 i cant remember what number he was. But ultimately you have one of the best mediums to introduce Wolverine in the series. Plus its a great vehicle to retroduce some of the characters from the Black Widow movie… im pretty sure people want to know how the Red Guardian fought Captain America whilst steve rogers was on ice and as we know there was more than one.

The Marvels – this is an interesting franchise because there is a X-Men i would love to see in the roster, she could appear in The Marvels and introduced as a Villian. let me explain. anyone who remembers the X-Men animated series of the 90’s will remember that the character of Rogue could fly and have super strength… she got that fighting Captain Marvel – carol danvers which caused her to be in in a coma. Now your thinking how could Rogue be a villian. In the comics her intro was that of a villain raised by Mystique and fought for their cause because chaning over sides to the x-men. Now im not saying that you need to have all this characters background i mean Mystique was used alot in the prequel series of x-men films but a sinister force prehaps uses or manipulates Rogue to being the villian for a cause now thats a movie.

Dr.Strange and the multiverse of madness – there is already reports of Charles Xavier turning up and the Illuminati being a thing so i dont want to go to much into this only that i think its a brilliant way to introduce the characters.

Black Panther – again Storm has been rumoured and would be a good fit.

so far we have Professor X, Storm, Rogue and Wolverine with very plausable entries into the franchise.

Next Spiderman – see i figure that its hard to have friends or super friends that Spiderman can lean on. He made everyone forget so apart from trying to make friends with the friends he already had. It is an oppertunity in Spiderman 4 to introduce some new heroes maybe not even spiderman related. For this i direct you to Spiderman and his amazing friends – a cartoon in the series that feaetured spiderman teaming up with X-Man Iceman and anoter mutant Firestorm. now depending on how you look at it, you could change Firestorm for say Phoenix, a young Jean Grey already with the Pheonix powers but at a lower level – something to explore later one. But this would give you two x-men in one film a really cool intro.

so now Professor x, Storm, Rogue, Wolverine, Iceman and Phoenix. were not done yet.

the team is pretty big already but there is still more characters that can be introduced and with the absence of an avengers team say you would need a pretty big replacement. so we have 6 members entry. allow me to introduce more.

Infact three more characters could be introduced and i figured this would appear in Wondervision season 2 but highly unlikely we will get this. Instead i think Agatha: House of Harkness will reveal alot more to the story and introduce other mutants and be a continuation of the WonderVision vibe without that show haveing a season 2. Were talking Witches and Magic so its very weird to combined Mutation but mutants with certain abilities that makes them look demonic can potentialy play a role in introducing certain characters. For Example, although Mephesto is heavily linked to the Nexus of which Agatha gets her abilities. There are other Nexus beings like Azazel, whose son is Nightcrawler. sure his mother is Mystique and she may even appear in the franchise as a villain but ill come to mutant villians in a bit. We then have the anomoly being investigated by a group of scientists, Darcy from Thor. so i figure there specialist looking into this is Dr.Hank McCoy (Beast) and we will see him transformed into said character. Finally Warren Worthington 3rd Could potentialy appear as winged mutant could again have links to a heavenly demonic world but they are actually are mutants.

Professor X, Storm, Rogue, Wolverine, Iceman, Phoenix, Beast, Nightcrawler and Angel… we still need one more to that list. in the form of Cyclops. it wrapped my brains on where he would appear however i figure he would be the basis of the birth of the X-Men. so despite his non appearance – his first appearance would be his intro into the x-men world when they make an x-men film and we see the franchise through his lazer red quarts eyes. lol

It then brings us to the villians what mutant villians would appear.

there is a million ways to do so. Moon Knight could potentially reveal Apocalpyse, you have the whole super soldier syrium that could give you Mr.Sinister, you have Wonda herself and her father her real father could be Magneto. mystique and agatha has always had a connection. its more easier to introduce the villians because the causes are more adaptable

but looking at Phase 4 and seeing how Phase 5 could introduce these characters well there is the hints for you.

WHAT COMES NEXT – for Jurassic Park after the Jurassic World Trilogy?

Where Next For Jurassic Park?

Soon the third entry in the Jurassic World trilogy will grace the screens bringing us back to the Jurassic Park World we so love and enjoy.

One has to ask themselves “WHAT COMES NEXT” On the one hand we have the original trilogy and then we have the Jurassic World trilogy and for the life of me i couldnt imagine a Jurassic title beyond the word World? and as cool as Jurassic Space seems as a concept it wouldnt have the same feel as the Jurassic Park films of old.

I’m actually a big fan of prequels, they are very topical and devisive when film makers want to revisit events leading up to or long before the original installment. And there is not many franchises that really benifits from it but on the other hand the franchises that does benifit from it builds a much grander universe.

Jurassic Park i feel has a history yet to be told. We have seen the narrative through the eyes of which the original trilogy was told and i figure we could return to see it through someone elses.

Recently i re-read the Jurassic Park novel by Michael Critchon and there is so many great scenes that would be filming gold if they was ever filmed. Now back in 1993 for the Jurassic Park film it wasnt necessarily warranted to need them but if we was to revist them then that be kind of cool.

So of the back of this i started to think, could a Prequel to Jurassic Park work?

In all honest yes. The more delved into what makes jurassic, the core novel history, the first movie, the comic book narratives there is alot and i mean ALOT of groundwork that has a prequel in mind.

But the one thing that really stuck to my mind was well you couldnt make a trilogy prior to Jurassic Park’s first movie. Once you reveal the dinosaurs to the public you then have to question how long it takes before people know they exist.

I mean think about it for a second. Everyone who worked on Jurassic Park for however long. not just the scientists but the game wardens the builders, they would of seen something and sure agreements to be made to stop leaking this information. Not everyone is a saint. I Mean part of the story of the first film was BioSyns pre-existing knowledge of Hammonds dinosaurs and wanting to steal the DNA. so people knew there was already dinosaurs… The reveal comes from us and the characters of Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm and Ellie Satler we are there eyes in the cinema when we see the brachiosaurus reach for the leafs on the higher branch that was hour wonderment felt by through the characters on the screen.

We cant recreate that as were now 6 movies in. But it wasnt until i saw Star Wars Rogue one that made me realise that familarity can be just as surprising. That Darth Vader scene that neatly ties Rogue One with the first Star Wars film got us on the edge of the seat. we knew what was coming and even though we knew everything we was seeing was from a different perspective that means all knew content that is literally walking us towards what we already knew.

Another great example of this in cinema is Avengers Endgame. One of the most jaw dropping moments was the great Portal reveal scene. and i remember being in the cinema and the shocks everyone had. Thrilling. but we already knew these characters. They was reintroduced in such a Grand way it was amazing.

So it brings me back to Jurassic Park and where do we make a new trilogy out of the Franchise.

i came up with a solution to which i call “The Origin Trilogy”

In this we fill in the blanks of Jurassic Park. There is enough lore in multiple mediums to create a story that happens just slightly before the events of Jurassic Park.

Ed Regis, Marty Guiterrez, Jack “Doc” Thorne and R.B. “ARBY” Benton was four characters abscent from the films but played roles in the novel. Which means we have classic characters we can build a story around. I mean even given what these characters are, Ed Regis was the publiscist for Jurassic Park his role would of been promoting that park to the public. He would of been instrumental in the design of the place. In fact let me give you some idea. Hammond was creating dinosaurs but had no intention to build a park. The creation of the park was by design of Ingen wanted to recoup some of the costs of bio-enginnering dinosaurs that cost millions with no return. But thats not the story you remember from Jurassic Park is it? because the movie portrays it in such a manor that Hammond is this walt disney esq character. However reading the book is amazing because it gives much more depths to these characters that was missed the first time around. We even have new lore with the characters of Benjamin Lockwood who was Hammonds business partner. During 1993 they was working together on Jurassic Park before there partnership ended.

So here is my idea, We should literally set a new Jurassic Park Trilogy interwoven between the Events of both Jurassic Park Trilogy and Jurassic World.

I figure

Jurassic Park Origin 1 – takes place just before the events of 1993 incident and ends with the disaster from the other side of the island.

Jurassic Park Origins 2 – deals with events between 1993-1997 Lost world and also a little of Jurassic Park 3

Jurassic Park Origins 3 – will be a prequel to Jurassic World which will have the arrival of Masrani’s ideology of creating this park into Jurassic World.

That should be our future for Jurassic Park. I have been working on a fan story of how it would work it even pulls in from scenes that appeared in the novel but not in the film. Below is a picture graph of actors and actresses i think should really be contenders for the Jurassic Park future trilogy.

and as always let me know what you think.

The Future For Spiderman – Tom Holland


Homecoming, Far From Home, No Way Home. We have finally completed the Tom Holland Trilogy of Spiderman films, not to mention his appearances in (Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame) plus the shorts (NBA Finals, Driving Test, Science Fair, To Do List) But we want more.

After seeing No Way Home with (Spoiler Ending) one would figure this was the concluding end to Tom Hollands reign as spiderman, however this is not the case. In the reality that Spiderman exists in we are faced with the divide of Sony owning the rights to make the films and Marvel/Disney having to co-operate. And its a good thing that they did because just look at how amazing something can be when you combined forces to make something beyond the issue of licensing.

But two questions still burn in our minds, where do you go from here. No Way Home kind of gave you a concluding end to the saga. The second question is how long left do we have with Tom Holland as Spiderman.

To answer this there has already been indicators that can help us navigate through a future vision board. Putting Covid to one side as we all know this can cause delays. Im just going to talk about the process as if it was a normal pre-covid timeline.

Tom Holland gave us the biggest clue as to how long we have spiderman for. He mentioned in an interview that he couldnt see himself playing Spiderman in his 30’s. Ok Tom Holland is 25 which means hes effectively said 5 years. You could potentially say he finishes at the age of 31/32 given filming and ending the run of spiderman depending on where they go. so i would say we are looking between 5 to 7 years.

If we was talking say early 00’s it would of been very fisable to have Spiderman films 2 years apart from each other giving us roughly 3 films over that time span. But in reality we face the MCU and schedules. So the jumps between film releases are heavily changed and moved around and covid as proven this case.

But there could be less delays now mostly because of No Way Home. It did more for the franchise than you may immeditly think. See fans were kind of sad that it indicated this was the end. But the studio has expressed there will be more Tom Holland Spiderman films and Spiderman 4 kinda got announced in the process.

Which is great news but your kind of left thinking… How.

Well, i thought it was pretty obvious. The “Home” trilogy of Spiderman is heavily set in the reality of the MCU, Venom and Morbius by extention exist outside it perhaps. And was more evident when in No Way Home (Spoilers) we see the return of previous spider-men and villains from other eras of sony’s world that did not exist in the MCU. They do now but they didnt before.

The Home Trilogy severes its connection to MCU universe in such a way that it has now freed Spiderman to Sony and requiring him not to exist in the MCU universe anymore. Sure he still kinda does but every character we know from crossing over doesnt remember that Peter Parker is Spiderman anymore.

It also includes characters unique to the franchise. But that is where the re-introduction will come into play. The likes of Happy Hogan or Avengers or Stark information knowing anything to do with Spiderman being Peter Parker is forgotten so as they are not arround him on an day to day life scenario it means you dont need to contect them to the MCU anymore, but because MJ, Ned, they all exist in his world and can be re-introduced.

This is where Spiderman 4 comes into play. and not just Spiderman 4 but Spiderman New Trilogy. And Tom Holland continuing for all three movies.

Im not going to give you “This is my take on what they should do” because there is alot of ideas and combinations of how to do it. Id rather give pointers to where it could go or stories it could take. So lets start.

  1. Firstly we have to address what Peter will be doing next, No Aunt May but his friends are still there they just dont remember him. But were not just talking about MJ and Ned, we are talking about Flash, we are talking about Betty Brant, the teachers at the school every character that has existed around him in the previous films that were unique to his universe. So the first thing to address is that 4 of them will be in MIT thats right, Peter, MJ, Ned and even Flash got into MIT. When i thought about what if the characters were let go who would be Peters new friend trio names like Harry Osborne and Gwen Stacy came to mind. But Norman Osborne found out that in this universe there was no Osborne so that kind of rules out Harry. Gwen could exist but it would be pointless to just add a new love intrest when he is still pining over MJ. So going back to the 4 MIT students it would have to detail a new friendship being formed, Which when you look at it. Peter and Ned could become friends again as usually shared interest brings people together. So Peter re-introduces himself to Ned at MIT they become friends but only Peter remembers his friendship from before. MJ on the other hand was drawn to peter and discover he was Spiderman now that would happen again in MIT so the reunion would happen very naturally. But this would be the twist. What if MJ and Ned rediscovered there old memories Where i could see MJ sticking with Peter, Ned has to then face the idea that why didnt he keep them from forgetting. a divide. a divide potentially strong enough to break Peter and Neds friendship. So this is how i would introduce the Hob Goblin character. So then it got me thinking even more, there is an absence of Osbournes in this Spider-world so What if as no Osbournes means no Green Goblins, Ned is somehow given the “Goblin” gas via some maguffin story plot which turns him against Peter. think about it a broken friendship means he could be manipulated by someone and thus becoming Hob Goblin threw misguided thinking.
  2. Sinister Six. alot of people want to see it, i personally never wanted to because i felt it was a silly plot of putting villians together i thought it would be too much of an overkill However No Way Home kinda proved that multiple villians could work. So i figured maybe its the idea of having 6 super villians going after spiderman as a pact was a silly idea not that multiple villians could appear in a film it was just the story of which they came. But what we saw wasnt the Sinister Six, One of the problems of the Sinister Six i felt was its comic book character line up because you have several of those villian nearlly all of them have appeared in Sony spiderman films. You would then need to explain alot on how they became and why they are doing this. Such a big set up. So i am more of a fan of lesser known characters filling that line up. And when i say lesser known i really mean Lesser used. I think we have already started to see the Sinister Six be formed. Vulture being the one that organises it, Scorpian being someone who has ties to it. Potentially a Shocker as well could return. so thats 3 already – however i dont feel that Morbius or even Venom will be part of that mix. This is because i feel that Venom maybe something we will experiance in Spiderman 4 with Spiderman 6 being the Sinister Six as the concluding chapter. Plus Morbius was kinda of a good guy bit like the Lizard and doing that again in a spiderman film would be just lazy. So Morbius rejects Vultures invertation and could actually see Morbius because an unlikely ally to Spiderman to help fight them. Filling up the other 3 spots for villians though i think Kraven is a definate plot point and as for 5 and 6 well another of characters could be used We could see say Hydroman appear as a villain and included, we could also see Mysterio return but we would need to see what Spiderman 4 and 5 introduces before we can get a sense of the full line up. But if i was to have a guess i would say (Vulture, Scorpian, Shocker, Hydroman, Kravena and Mysterio)
  3. Venom & Spiderman 4 as one story – as i said i couldnt see Venom being a Sinister Six villain but i could potentially see this as the next story. Infact i would say that Spiderman 4 will introduce 3 villians (Venom, Hob Goblin and Kraven the hunter) we know that Kraven is going to get his own film. But when you think about story characters. Getting a big game hunter to track down spiderman who nobody knows the identity of makes no sense – technology would be more used to do that. Plus Kraven is a big game hunter, Spiderman is small. Venom on the other hand is big. So imagine that Venom symbiot finds a new host – maybe even this worlds Eddie Brock…Or if you really want to blow peoples minds. As i said in point 1. Ned becomes hob goblin, what if an angry Ned finds the Symboit and it transforms him into the Hob Goblin there we go. Spidy now has to stop his friend somehow but because Hob Goblin which probably looks more like the ultimate version of Green Goblin then say big monster roaming around this is why we have Kraven introdueced. and the battle becomes who gets to Ned first spider wants to save him Kraven wants to kill him. an that to me is your spiderman 4.
  4. Mysterios return. Although No Way Home kind of severs its ties to mcu universe doesnt mean it still doesnt exist there. And i hope for more cross over characters. One being “Daredevil” the reason i say this is because i remember a comic i had years ago it was a Daredebil Mysterio story – kind of Mysterios last battle he was dying from cancer and thus wanted to give Daredevil a last run of the mix. That being said i liked this story and always though what if you included a Daredevil Spiderman team up. Which will bring me to point 5 which will be about Spiderman super friends. But Having Mysterio return would have greater impact on Peter because he destroyed his life. There is a Peter Swan song that needs to complete its steps and one of those is confronted the person that ruined his life. But Mysterio is dead? so he cant face the person that ruined his life. Unless he wasnt dead so imagine that.
  5. Spiderman’s Super Friends – im in two minds as to wether MCU should still have an effect on Spiderman Universe – i think it should, but also see the benifits if it didnt. But that being said spiderman has super friends if anyone remembers the comics and a cartoon series. which consisted of Iceman and Firestorm i believe. what a great way to introduce some of the X-Men characters in the MCU…. tthink about it the x-men isnt formed. But professor X brings these people together. Beast is a scientist so he can easily fit in anywhere infact we was expecting him in Wandavision. Then we have Wolverine thats been through all the wars that Cap America did. But i always struggled with the other members but imagine if say we swapped Firestorm for Jean Greys Phoenix and had iceman thats two x-men right there. they team up with Spiderman with there abilities combined.
  6. DEADPOOL VS SPIDERMAN – well this is a tricky one because hes fox owned now disney owned hasnt been in a disney marvel movie yet but its coming, however does this exclude him being in any sony movie with spiderman. It shoudnt i really think there is alot of merrit in having Spiderman and Deadpool meet in a film. At the moment i cant imagine the concept of a story but you have two masked heroes … “hero”ish for deadpool that have a completely different take on reality. It could be a really fun comedic take on spiderman or if not spiderman film a Deadpool film that has Spiderman tom holland in it.

So there is my thoughts. let me know what you think

Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City – Review & Fix

Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City

When it comes to video game franchises adaption to the big screen it comes with alot of expectation and apprehention. In truth it is a mammoth of a task, tell the same story as the video game and you run into the fact that everyone knows the ending before the film began or make something new but include just enough references to make the hardcore fan gleem with excitement. It is incredibally hard to get this right. Sadly Resident Evil Welcome To Raccon City failed. But i looked at this objectively as much as i could and in all honesty the reason this film failed is down to only one element. The Story!

See the film maker had a vision, wanted to create a one story narrative for the first and second game that would fit neatly in a 1 hour 30 minute structure. featuring as many fan favourite moments from the games. This includes the video games many remakes which featured new enviroments and new designs for locations…etc.

Now as i watched through this film, i struggled to figure out why it was so unwatchable when alot of the elements was right. The cast for example was perfect. The settings perfect. But the story did not flow and i can see where they wanted to include and create there own world but there vision just didnt work and the story ferments it. So let me break it down into parts.

First. The characters was only those characters by name and not by personality. They did not imbody the core elements of why we love these characters. For example, Leon was nothing more than the butt of a joke, Chris was blisfully unaware of his surroundings, Wesker wasnt even really a scientists who knew more than most infact he was told prior to the invents and given an oppertunity to betray which he took without no character development to explain why.

The only character that really stood out as being almost true to her video game counterpart was Claire. As for the rest, it was like watching a cosplay fan production of resident evil. I know that sounds mean but by no means was this a reflection on the actors/actresses in those roles. They are good actors/actresses ive seem them in multiple different roles and gave great performances. So if it wasnt them what was it.

Essentially the story. The story suffered from trying to create a new narrative, went out its way to recreate raccoon city from the game but then gave it a completely abandoned scenario of a city? You spend money recreating the place from the game but give the town a completly different origin. Why go to the effort.

They tried to make resident evil 1 and 2 stories appear at the same time however that wouldnt work because the only way they would meet up is by the mutual end point of Umbrellas laboratory but by the point of them meeting they lead two different stories and this isnt a spagetti western. When you watch a zombie film the action is moved with a group only seperating slightly to soon be rejoined. Thats how horror films work.

It also suffers from missing out the standard shark act analysis – Act one the bite, Act two the body, Act three the tail every story featured this yet what we got was a two act story that spent way too much time in act one, and not enough in act two. In terms of a story it was utter chaos, sure makes sense during a zombie pandemic but doesnt work for story narrative.

And the thing is given that they was given a £25 million budget for this film. If i was to take the characters they used same actors/actresses and re-arranged the story it could of been so much better. So for the same budget you could of got a story that made alot more sense and was more true to the game. i can prove that to you.

Here is my take on how resident evil welcome to raccoon city should of been.

1998 – May
The film begins in the Umbrella Facility deep underneath the Spencer Mansion in Raccoon City. Dr.William Birkin is overseeing via a control room an experiment being conducted. The asset escapes its bindings causing an emergancy containment, sealing the asset and the scientists within the enclosed containment to stop a breach. Birkin then informs Umbrella of the failed experiment as he prepairs to work from Site B. Unbeknown to Birkin some rats had burried into the containment area and escaped infected into the air ducts.

Cut To

1998 – July

It has been 2 months since the inccident which is kept secret from the public, the Spencer Mansion has been abandoned by the Umbrella corporation and is being observed by Dr.Birkin from his own lab located elsewhere in Raccoon City. However he is unaware that employes got infected and are roaming around the mansion as zombies and some has escaped out into the local forest area surrounding the Arklay Mountains. Our focus shifts to a party being held at a local resturant and police hang out. There has been an increasing number of missing people which has lead to the Raccoon City Police department having to create a Special Tactics Rescue unit known as S.T.A.R.S. promoting several of there finest officers in the process. This has left Chief Irons to require looking for new recruits to fill the vacant roles. Claire meets her brother Chris to congraulate him on his promotion and also to provide contact details for her as she is leaving for a motobike touring holiday of America. We are also introduced to several other characters of S.T.A.R.S – Brad Vickers, Richard Aiken, Jill Valentine, Enrico Marini and Kevin Dooley. As Claire leaves Chris runs into Stars leader Wesker who was on a call to “Someone” but cuts the call short when Chris approaches. Chris infers he should be inside enjoying the promotion with the rest but Wesker reminds him that they are only here because of the missing people. Later, Jill and Chris are assigned to pick up for questioning Ben Bertalucci who is causing a scene in a public area. Ben’s expose of umbrella is being downplayed as a schiofrenic outburst. They take him to the lock up at the RPD but despite his crazy rants he reveals that he knew Lisa Trevor and she was last scene at Arklay Mountains during a hiking trip. They begin to suspect Ben had something to do with her disappearance and brings this to Wesker who holds a team meeting.

They send out Bravo Team – consisting of Marini, Aiken and Dooley to the site to search for clues via helicopter however their helicopter malfunctions causing them to crash losing contact with the RPD and the other Stars members. This leads to Chief Irons sending Alpha Team to go assist their colleagues. Brad, Jill, Chris and Wesker head to the site. Following the trail of their colleagues they find their way to the spencer mansion where they soon find Marini and Dooley have been killed by zombies, in an attempt to escape they find a Dying Aiken showing that he has found a secret passage that leads underneath the mansion. Aiken is then shot by Wesker revealing he is has his own agenda but escapes Jill and Chris who are being overwelmed by the zombies. However they manage to escape and find there way to the underground tunnels which leads them to the Umbrella lab. It is there where Wesker is looking for the T & G virus samples but unbeknown to him they have been removed by Birkin prior to him leaving the lab during the inccident that caused this. Chris and Jill catch up to Wesker and enter into a standoff but Wesker is killed when the contained asset from the begining of the film is revealed to be Lisa Trevor. As Chris and Jill attempt to escape Lisa accidently triggers a self destruct sequence which begins to destroy the lab. Chris and Jill find there way to the surface and is rescued by Brad just as the mansion is about to collapse upon itself. They head towards the RPD.


1998 – September

It has been 2 months since the inccident at the mansion. Both Jill and Chris are on house arrest due to there bizzare claims of zombies and what happened to the other stars members. The only member still to have his job is Brad who only saw Jill and Chris escape the mansion as it was collapsing. Claire (Chris’s sister) returns to raccoon city, she stops at a local gas station where it seems almost abandoned but the lights are on. following a trail of blood she runs into Leon Kennedy – a rookie cop that has just arrived at the same time and also saw the situation at the Gas Station, they are attacked by a zombie but are soon rescued by Chris “Who has sneaked out of his house arrested to investigate the Arklay Mountain areas looking for evidence to exonirate Himself and Jill. As they investigate the site a gas truck passes by at full speed, cutting there reunion short Chris, Claire and Leon proceed to the RPD. Meanwhile Jill awakes in her apartment as she hears screaming, she finds a zombie has entered her building she makes her way outside where she finds that there is panic on the streets. Hordes of zombies have started to plague the city. same ones like at the spencer mansion. Umbrella has sent in operatives to contain the residents not allowing them to leave. After witnessing them shooting people for trying to leave, she escapes and beings to head towards the RPD. She runs into Brad currently held up at a bar, They realise they can escape by the RPD helicopter. They make there way to RPD just as the chaotic gas trucker turns into a zombie and crashses outside the front of the building. They find there way inside and Jill reunites with Chris.

Chief Irons explains Umbrella has taken over the city and cut the phone lines and that they need to leave now. However as they make there way to the rooftop to Brads helicopter, Brad is killed by a horde of zombies, retreating back into the station Chief Irons explains they may be able to leave via a train tunnel underneath the station that leads to the outskirts of the Arklay Mountains near the secondary umbrella facility. Irons shows them the way but they are attacked by a Licker, killing Irons stuck in the basement of the precint they find Ben Bertlucci who informs them that Umbrella is going to destroy the town they have till 6am before they destroy it. Ben is then kiled by the Licker however both Jill and Claire are able to electrify it with the loose wires and wet enviroment of the basement. The four of them then manage to escape into the sewers.

Elsewhere we find Birkin overseeing Umbrella taking control of the city begins packing up his aquipment informing his wife to get his daughter as they are leaving. However a group of Umbrella soldiers have made there way to Birkin’s lab. Unwilling to part with his research he is shot. revealing the shooter to be Albert Wesker who did not die in the spencer mansion now sporting his signature sunglasses. As they go to take the virus samples. Birkin injects himself with them and starts to mutate. His wife is killed by one of the umbrella operatives but sherry escapes into the tunnels. Birkin mutates and starts to kill the umbrella employees but Wesker has escaped the onslaught.

Back in the sewers (Jill, Chris, Claire and Leon) find themselves reaching the train dock that will lead them out of raccoon city. However its powerless and requires the station to be reactivated. As Jill has suffered an injury, Leon stays with her as Chris and Claire find the power unit. Upon finding it they find sherry who is hiding from a monster. “Birkin” whom is revealed heavily mutated. they begin to fight with Birkin but he is overpowering, they manage barely to escape as the power is reactivated. heading to the train it beings to moves with Jill, Leon, Claire, Chris and Sherry on board. however the Birkin monster climbs aboard, after an intense fight Leon is able to kill it with a Rocket Launcher he finds on the train. thinking there safe they hear the siren alarm for an air strike – as Umbrella sends a bomb to destroy Raccoon city as it hits the train becomes off the rails but they are able to make it out of the tunnel just in time before it collapses. surviving the destruction of raccoon city. A helicopter turns up to rescue them. Its Barry Burton surprise cameo who takes them away.

What’s Next For 007…Bond, James Bond

What Next For Bond?

Anyone could play a spy but not everyone could play James Bond. See I’m all for mixing up cast, changing origins and revitalising old franchises with new takes. But in order to do so the franchise has to have a few key fundamentals for it to be that franchise. For example Ghostbuster, since the original two movies, we’ve had a female centric cast and a generational cast film that will come out this year. But what makes ghostbusters the franchise so memorable other than the core cast is the iconic fundamentals. Such like the iconic car, the proton packs, slime, the unique feel they have with ghosts, and of course staypuff marshmallow man and Slimer. You could make millions of Ghostbusters films and have it feel in the vain of it. No mater who the actor/actress that leads the film. And it’s not just ghostbusters that can do this, Jurassic Park, Aliens, Terminator all have similar designs.

But sometimes the fundamentals of what makes these franchises do really depend on the character. And James Bond falls into this category. See changing a gender or race of a character doesn’t bother me, most of the time. It’s a fresh new take on a franchise with a whole new perspective. But in the case of James Bond. The films are predicated on him being the fundamental. What makes a James Bond film is the swerve, tuxedo wearing martini shaken drinkin womanising spy that is James Bond. Sure we are evolving beyond such cliche of what manliness is type cast into but James Bond the character is that Type Cast. Which is why I feel you can’t change the character. If James became a female character, or even a transgender character, or his nationality, race or even sexuality is changed… then this is a new character. And as I said what makes a James Bond film is the character otherwise it’s just a spy thriller.

But with increasing pressure to be more inclusive I feel the studio that makes these films will ultimately misunderstand this, create a new Bond variant maybe female it’s going to feel alien to the Bone universe as it would feel like a Bondless film even though a Bond character is in it.

And this is in no reflection to any of the talented actors/actresses that would love to play the role. But the departure from the fundamentals of a James Bond film isn’t kept it just won’t feel like a James Bond film. Take the recent film No Time To Die. It features a new 007 it’s not really a spoiler because it’s been advertised that 1 James Bond is in retirement and 2 a new person has his old job. Now the actress who plays the new 007 was excellent in her role and she was playing a brand new character, it worked. But then “spoiler for the film” happens and well how do you have a James Bond Film without “Spoiler”

Let’s say this new 007 character (Nomi) was to carry the bond franchise going forward. Question you have to ask yourself is will you be excited and refer to this franchise as …oh I can’t wait for the new Nomi film comes out. As apposed to oh I can’t wait for the next Bond film to come out. Can you see the problem is that there is no easy way to gender swap or change the core bond character without too much of a drastic change that then changes the franchise.

But I may have a solution to all this. In the form of a 90’s cartoon that may have been overlooked. And a revision could see the Name Bond carried over with a completly new fresh set of eyes,

That is indeed. Bond, James Bond Jr – the nephew of James Bond would make a really compelling storyline dynamic to the bond franchise, sure the was a white male in the cartoon but ultimately having the name Bond carried into the new world opens the opportunity for the character to be played by any nationality or gender and it will still feel like a James Bond film.

Because the character of Bond the original character wether he is dead or alive or just vacant means that you can keep his fundamentals the same but apply completly different ones to a relative. And having Bond have family following in his footsteps would be fitting, especially after Daniel Craigs run at it.

Not only this, there is a lot of crossover that could be done with the current franchise too, as the Current Q and the Q from the cartoon James Bond Jr share a lot of similarities. What I’m saying is, the future of Bond can move forward but there is only one way it could work and be refreshing. And that is in the name Bond and the family of which he left behind.

Giving X-Men In The MCU more thought…

Giving X-Men In The MCU more thought…

The X-Men has so many ties to the Marvel larger world its hard to contemplate how their introduction into the franchise could happen. That being said i feel there is alot of elements that i missed out on so i wanted to break them down and show how many connections there are which could really upgrade the MCU universe. So what i am going to do is discuss my views on the MCU possible introductions and set ups of certain properties that fall within the Marvel comics world but also reasons and means of which they could be included into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I will do this in blocks of subjects.

The Illuminati

Now the Illuminati was originally made up of 6 members, created by Brian Mcihael Bendis who wrote the initial intro of the characters in the Marvel Comics. The 6 members he had in his Illuminati in his words was to represent a certain something that is very special to the Marvel Universe. The Members are

Tony Stark/Iron Man
Read Richards/Mr Fantastic
Black Bolt
Dr.Stephen Strange
Professor X

Im gonna over simplify the special elements of each into 1 word.

Iron Man = Human
Namor = Antihero
Mr.Fantastic = Science
Black Bolt = History
Dr.Strange = Magic
Professor X = Mutant

Now in my previous blog post i kind of broke down why i thought the likes of Namor, Black Bolt, and Dr.Strange wouldnt be part of this line up in the MCU. It mostly comes down to my view that to introduce the Illuminati into the MCU you would need to have history with the characters. Meaning the members would exist prior to events of endgame. Even as far back as Iron Man 2, even further back probably years before Iron Man 1. To include these characters prior to Iron Man 1 would then make you suggest, well where have they been for 23 odd movies. So the rumour is Namor is going to be introduced in Black Panther 2, Black Bolt appeared in the tv series which are defunct Marvel characters so probably wont be seen again for a long time and not considered canon in the MCU timeline. and then when we look at Dr.Strange the problem would be that He appeared and spoke with Tony Stark in Infinity War and dies and returns during Endgame for stark to die. So chances of him being an original member very slim. same for all three. In order for the illuminati to exist it would have to be predicated on representing the same factors albiet maybe variations of and on Iron Man setting it up.

So giving it alot of thought, and the time scale of which the characters could exist, this is my list of Illuminati members.

Tony Stark/Iron Man = Human = Founder
Bruce Banner/Hulk = Antihero
Reed Richards/Mr.Fantastic = Science
Dane Whitman/Black Knight = History
Dr.Eric Selvic = Space/Magic
Professor X = Mutant

Now my reasoning behind this line up is as follows. Tony Stark didnt trust the government with his tech but ultimately sided with them over the accords. He also never really trusted shield, and military he probably wouldnt trust them too, even though his best friend Jim Rhodes/War Machine is military and also Stark Enterprise made weapons originally. So i figure The Illuminati would be a creation seperate from any guided view points. And with the members i suggest above it would make sense these people would be his ideal picks so lets break that down.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner has great chemistry, this is probably because they are both super smart but have trust issues. Remember Banner wanted to stay hidden didnt want to be found and Shield has taken procautions against Hulk. So you could imagine that Tony and Bruce shares the same distrust. But what makes them different is that Tony was the Human hero aspect, where as Banner didnt want to call upon the hulk making him somewhat the Anti-Hero. so that fits the place in the illuminati lineup perfectly.

Dr.Eric Selvic is an interesting aspect. as i was trying to figure out how Magic would be an element, its simply that it didnt exist enough to have a specialist Tony would of known about. The biggest character to fill it would of been Dr.Strange but Dr.Strange didnt exist and their is no indication that Stark knew or communicated with The Ancient One or Bleaker street. So whats the nearest Stark has to Magic, unexplianable science and space. So this draws me to the world of Thor, but the problem with Thors world is that there is a strict line between the two. Either Thor is on earth or hes not, so hes unreliable. and there is no mix asgaurdian transfers either. Which then brings me to who studied Thor, with Janes reseach but we know that Darcy was involved with Wandavision, and Jane is set to be in the next Thor movie as a Thor herself. That left me with Eric Selvic, now out of all of them, he was possessed by an asgaurdian, he knows the fables and mythology and has been studying that science. I figure after what happened in the first avengers movie hes pretty much free from working with the likes of Shield. which makes it perfect for Tony to pick him up as his Space/Magic expert.

Now Dr.Reed Richards and Professor X are speculation but depending on how they are introduced would also make sense. infact in my previous post its predicated on The Illuminati creating the X-Men. and if you read my Fantastic Four intro to MCU then well i explained how they could of existed during the whole time.

Which then leads me to Dane Whitman who is going to act as the Historian, my view is that with Whitmans involvement with the Eternals that Dane and Stark may have known about each other before, its hard to tell what Danes involvement is prior to seeing The Eternals but despite being the superhero Black Knight he has his own history. So my thoughts are Dane probably existed in Starks radar for having historical knowledge prior to whatever we find out in Eternals. And lets say Dane has been researching the eternals for a long long time then it would make sense that Stark probably knew about his research and looking to form his own superpowered team would be looking for anything like this as a red flag for his consideration. but again until we see the Eternals movie and we get to know exactly what Dane Whitman is all about its hard to say.

so that is my views on who the Illuminati would be if they show up in the MCU.

Given that Stark is now dead, i feel that his death paves the way for Phase 4 set ups and also the future. woven throughout the whole phase 4 connective stories.

With Starks death you have essentially an Illuminati member missing, who leads it, and who takes over the Human aspect role. I dont have an answer for that mostly because i feel the members of the illuminati if revealed in the MCU will either be a one off event and set up other things and members wont necessarily be replaced but evolve into something else. Like through Professor X’s envolvement and Starks untrusting nature of government powers owning superheros you could say that is a foundation builiding block for the creation of the X-Men.

Next Subject: How do you connect the villians that hasnt appeared yet in the mcu?

Bolivar Trask the creator of the Sentinal programe i see as a reverse Tony Stark. hell even his last name is a rearrngement of stark. with Tony gone there will be alot of contenders to replace him and when you think about it, starks vision of a suit of armour around the world could be the jumping point of the sentinal program.

Magneto – his children are already in the MCU as Quicksilver albiet dead and Scarlet Witch who will play a prominant part in Phase 4. They kind of explained their intro in WandaVision including their parents but as we know parent reveal has been a presence in the MCU before, remember Red Skull revealing information about Black Widow and Clint Barton. I figure those parents you believe to be Scarlet Witches and Quicksilvers were adoptive parents and Magneto to appear in some form in the future maybe sooner than we realise. So the question would be where is he, where has been, what happened to him and so forth. Given that he is considered a bit of an extremist its more likely he got himself locked up. I think back to one of the better scenes i saw in X-Men Apocalypse – not saying thats a good film, but there is a few scenes in it which do stand out pretty good, that is the one where Michael Fassbender as Magneto has a normal life rasing a child and they find out hes a mutant his family get killed. That scene in X-Men Apocalpyse was probably one of the few great Dramatic episodes that they should borrow to Magnetos origin into the MCU. I figure that Something happened and Mangetos family was captured, Magneto ends up captured and imprisoned but his children went into adoption. But because the children was really young they dont remember him or their mother. And we could then also explain that the Blip maybe the cause that freed him and hes been on a journey to find out whats been happening ever since.

Apocalypse – Hes a character the MCU should avoid using a a villian but not at least have him cameo. He is part of the fabric of history so i figure that with the inclusion of Kang The Conquer being a presence now in the MCU there should be at least a cameo or guideline their to explain what Apocalypse was maybe with a historical event. Like we see Apocalpyse as the first mutant on earth that Kang mentored. but this all takes place in Egypt and we never find out what happens to Apocalpyse but you get the sense hes in hybernation. Maybe a seed for something they could revist many years later. Just like how Thanos was teased in parts throughout the MCU phases 1-3.

Mr.Sinister – a great villian that hasnt been given the best screen treatment. His views are really unique as he isnt a mutant but a mutate. he was obessed with mutants and how it could elevate him to a power beyond the normal. It also brings in the ethical treatements of mutants and so forth. With the world in the MCU way it is right now, this does bring in a whole ethical behaviour perspective that would be great. But where would he sit in the MCU? I think what you are going to find out is that the world has been creating their own Avengers and more prominatly they will start to appear, with the likes of the UK’s Excalibur hinted at with Dane Whitmans introduction, then you also have the Red Gaurdian from Black Widow movie, not doubt Alpha Flight the canadian superhero team would make an appearance some day. Which brings me back to Mr.Sinister, i figure different countries different rules on ethics Mr.Sinister would probably be somewhere in the fold of creating mutants or mutates for this world. He could be anywhere from working in Weapon X programe, to working in the facility that captures mutants in the Sentinal Programe… there is alot of ways he could be introduced and build upon.

Moleman – it is my oppinion that he should be the first villian the fantastic four should encounter – i believe that Dr.Doom is always used as the big bad but he is a very complex charactr. I figure he needs a build up before the fantastic four goes toe to toe with. Which is why he should be nothing more than a cameo maybe a large cameo in the Fantastic Four movie. But the reason i say the main villain of the first Fantastic Four movie should be Moleman is because when you read into the origins of the character, he has alot of ties with Deviants. and as we know that the MCU is going down the Deviants/Eternals extra with the Eternals movie it would make sense that Deviants are going to be a part of the story that leads to mutants. As fantastic four is to appear before X-Men it would make Moleman a brilliant oppertunity to explore some of the biggest connections to the mutant world. Plus it grounds Fantastic Four to an earth based conflict which you could isolate away from the rest of the world. meaning Fantastic Four could of happened before the blip around the blip and just after it.

There are so many villains to cover and so many options im not going to go into them all but to give you some idea just going to briefly summarise some factors – Time Travels a things – Cable/Bishop? Alternate realities too with the Multiverse. Which makes time displacement a thing. Space is getting bigger so does that mean earth will play a more prominate role – secret invasion is going to be a story, a skrull kree war will occure at some point. And what is going to happen with the Hulk now Tony is gone and hes basically damaged with one good arm. does he get that fixed?

im going to leave the blog there because i want to pick up on more stuff later one and ill post that into another post maybe a part 2 to this.

How To Introduce The X-Men Into The MCU

How To Introduce The X-Men Into The MCU

The problem i have with trying to configure how the X-Men could be introduced into the MCU given what we know has and will happen. We know they are not scheduled to appear for some time and that the movie is being titled The Mutants. I have my views on that but i want to focus on how i feel they can be introduced.

Now with my Fantastic Four analysis in the previous post i identified that the Deviants that the character of Moleman sort of controls would make him a great villian to go against the fantastic four in the first movie appearance. Because it fits perfectly into the narrative of the Eternals and Deviants inclusion into the world. But with the X-Men despite having several characters appearing previously like Scarlett Witch. The path of introduing The X-Men is a little harder. So i am going to point out several factors that was missing in the Fox run of movies that i think should be a factor going forward and then how i percieve they should be included in the future mcu film series.

The Fox movies in my oppinion sit somewhere between underwelmed and overkill and i think the reason for that imbalance was the scale of which Bryan Singer and Simon Kingberg couldnt quite agree on. What we wanted was something in the middle however what we got was a drama centric storyline of idology in a very limited narrow perspective.

What i mean by this is that the X-Men franchise in the comics explores the ethics and idology in multiple forms. In the X-Men films they only explored 4. These was The Views of feared humans, the views of charles xavier where humans and mutants can live together, the views of Magneto with mutants being supieror and finally the views of the younger x-men who are looking for guidance. Which are great view points to visit but the truth of the world is vastly bigger and thus i feel the Fox era of X-Men films had only this narrow view point.

Now you cant include everything into 1 film but you need to build a reality where multiple choice is present. The best way to do this is the 616 method, what i mean by the 616 method is, imagine your the 1 in the middle to the left is 6 options and to the right is 6 options what seperates these are the main cause, Mutants and Humans. Lets look at each of the 6 viewpoints each have.


  1. Curiosity – This is like the polar opposite of fear and intolerance, usually surrouned by science but can have both a positive and negative impact. For example Moria McTaggart helps mutants to understand mutant abilities, where as Nathaniel Essex aka Mr Sinister who isnt a mutant but caused himself to mutate. used science for his own gain for curiosity.
  2. Fear – we are familiar with this concept as it was used in the fox movies with the likes of senator kelly and stryker, trask and sentinals
  3. Peace/Love – co-existance between the two species. teaching tolerance towards indifference. These are usually human characters that support the mutants against adversity. in the x-men comics its kind of rare to see. but their are characters that exist that wants a happy co-existance.
  4. Political – This is where mutants are seen as a property or an asset for human use. Usually in wars. anything from Weapon-X programe to alpha flight, even the avengers to some degree is to help save the humans from threats.
  5. misunderstanding – this isnt the same as fear, this is more down to smaller communities being taught incorrectly – think what if a mutant was used for the purpose of entertainment because the humans dont view mutants as sentient beings because they are not human. Mojo for example despite being an alien uses mutants for entertainment. Now although mojo is from another planet, this idology does exist in the earth bound world of the x-men too. With the likes of Arcade a character that literally messed with the x-men for fun.
  6. Supporters – different from co-exisiting peace/love – as a supporter could be for personal gain or just a huge fan. look at Doctor Doom for example he supports the use of certain characters for his own personal gain.

So thats the human view points then you look at the mutants.


  1. Co-Existance – This is the otherside of the peace/love views the humans has but had by mutants. The difference is the cause being more important to mutants because of living in a human world. This is where we get Professor Charles Xaviers standpoint.
  2. Superiority – This is where mutants are considered superior race and humans should bow towards them – this is Magnetos view point.
  3. Tyranical Rulership – I tried to figure if Apocalypse wanted to rule all the mutants. all the humansn or just everything on the planet. in any of these aspects its a desire to rule because your ability is hardly ever unmatched.
  4. Fear – some mutants just dont want to be mutants or will go to great lengths of change to become human – look at rogue in the x-men films. her power wasnt overly great to her and thus wanting to change s a heavy subject.
  5. Primal – This is an interesting one. what happens when a mutant ability makes you tap into more primal instincts – humans are all set at a certain point but because mutation is a spectrum although it can go forwards it can also go backwards. If we look at the likes of Wolverine and Sabretooth for example. They have that rage that primal instinct to fight, humans have that too but humans are logical, try telling a tiger not to eat a human wouldnt understand you it would go on primal desire to feed and hunt. so you have mutants that have this active as part of their mutation.
  6. For Profit – for this it kind of jump a little bit into no.2 on the list but instead of fighting for supermancy over dominant species – it is simply a financial gain advantage. They like the world and everything it has to offer and if their mutant ability provides an easy access to this life then they would use it. Thats alot like views of the hellfire club with Emma Frost or even a mercenary group of mutants that work for hire like The Maurders for example.

so now that we have explored the 12 view points hopefully you will see how under developed the Fox X-Men movie really was. Limited view points to a vastly big universe. But the thing is you could include all of this into a single movie if you know how to configure it into the proper story narrative.

This brings me to the X-Men into the MCU universe.

before i get their and tell you how i would write them into this. i want to shift focus on Tony Stark.

Out of all the Avengers he is the keystone to how it works, without Ironman we wouldnt of had any of this, But now he is gone you would think his involvement is over, no… if you look at what they have released post endgame it has been void filling. all pointing to Stark. 1. Spiderman Far From Home – the whole story was about replacing tony stark, from the perspective of Spiderman and Mysterio. 2. WandaVision – Wanda fell in love with a machine that tony stark helped build gave it his Jarvis. 3. Falcon winter soldier – This one is harder to spot because its very much a Captain America void but this is where War Machine keeping the dream alive comes in to Starks involvement. although only a cameo it shows how Ironman trusted his friend to oversee things in his passing. and finally Loki – how can loki have an Ironman connection – Well Loki is truely its unique glorius purpose. apart from the old stark building being bought by qong (mr gryphon) aka Kang The conquerer – Kang in and of himself is in my oppinion more connected with stark than you realise. But this is because i feel that Stark and Reed will have a connection in the film.

This brings me to The Illuminati. In one of the pervious films stark showed the icon on his phone had a illuminati logo – which could and should be revisited. The Illuminati is key to how i feel the x-men should be brought into the marvel cinematic universe and ill explain why. The members of the illumanti in the comics core members which involved Ironman also had if memory serves me – Black Panther, Namor, Mr Fantastic, Dr.Strange, Blackbolt and Professor X. Now i was trying to figure if you was to introduce the Illuminati under the premise that Stark knew about them before endgame. Who would they be and why?

I figured the purpose of the Illuminati in the MCU would be because Tony Stark doesnt trust the government or shield and with good reason considering the events of what has happened in all the films. So if he doesnt trust the people he works with or for who would he trust. This then creates the notion of the Illuminati. i came up with a solution to identify the members, which would be that they would need to be people Tony Stark trusts but not necessarily in plain sight. Smart individuals that have been in the MCU but not seen on screen or even named. Infact i would even go to say that the Illumianti was probably present after the thanos snap.

Im discounting Blackbolt, Namor, Blackpanther and Dr.Strange from the pre-existing list mostly because these big name characters either didnt exist before or only existed briefly within the small context of time between infinity war and endgame. Like Dr.Strange hasnt met Tony until the begining of Infinity War so that discounts Dr.Strange.

This leaves us with Mr.Fantastic and Professor X.

Reason for not incuding characters like Namor is thats a whole big story waiting to be told and having him an illumanit member pre-infinity war then you would question where was he during the battle. so yeah its gotta be characters that work in the background.

But this about X-Men so i will shelve Mr.Fantastic for now and focus on Professor X

Tony Stark – Avenger, part of the avengers team – closely monitored and governed by the government and shield to which he doesnt trust. Under that premise wouldnt Tony want his own team, one he can trust, one he can count on as a backup. Their for The Illuminati and Professor X’s job would of been that. and further more that team is the X-Men. With Tony gone the power probably would revert back to Professor X.

Get this, The avengers currently are kind of shattered, we have a new captain ameria but we dont seem to have a team. but they are making a Thunderbolts inspired team with US Agent and now what lookes like Black Widows sister, possibly white vision who knows yet.

As they follow alot of the big story archs in marvel comics one of the biggest is the avengers vs the x-men of recent years. And although i dont think we will get this i do think we will get the x-mens introduction into stopping the Thunderbolts.

Cool right.

X-Men are the creation of The Illuminati mostly Tony Stark and Professor X as a fail safe. But in the wake of starks death the x-men become something much bigger.

So now that i have given you this, what if i blew your mind and said what if the x-men were already in the MCU. This is a theory, based on looking at cameos of actors/actresses. for this i talk about the Community tv series core cast cameos in the MCU

so given that, this is my thoughts on the casting of the X-Men

Danny Pudi – Nightcrawler – in the MCU Danny Pudi appeared in the avengers triskillon and is the guy that opens the door to Captain America to let him in. But lets go back a second, Sheild was overrun by Hydra a German group. Nightcrawler is a german in marvel comics, Nightcrawler other than his teleportation ability had technology given to him so that he could look human. Looking at Danny Pudi he doesnt have a Nightcrawler feel to him. Plus having him being used by Hydra given he was german (The character) that would bring him to this world hidden right in front of us. So he would be my pick to introduce him, as Danny Pudi’s character doesnt seem to be hurt of beat up by the end of the movie maybe they discovered he helped infiltrate the shield building so Stark and professor X recruits him into the X-Men.

Yvette Nicole Brown – Storms mother – in the MCU she appeared in the 70’s as a Sheild worker. now Storms appearance in the comics was around the 70’s, but i feel that Yvette would be a little too old to play Storm in the timeline now especially if she was in the 70’s she would be an old woman in the present marvel timeline. So making her Storms mother would work really well and could give a new energy to the storm character as she has always been protrayed as the orphen in egypt. I say lets skip past that and have her part of a family unit especially one that is closely connected to shield. Remember Yvette’s character has seen tony stark in the past and probably recognises him in the future as the guy that went back in time but not knowing that is what it was. so She knows and would of probably had close ties to Tony or even howard stark. Infact i think it would be cool that Storm and her ability is the reason Stark was able to build the arc reactor. Now that would be an idea.

Ken Jeong – Morph – I think this actor is amazing, comedic presence means you can have alot of fun with this character. I feel he could play Morph – an obscure x-men character but think about this, Morph played a big art in the x-men animated series, he was the first mutant lost by the team. in the comics he found out he was dying but use his shape shifting abilities to take a bullet for prefessor X. however when you look at the character of Morph in the comic book series The Exiles – he has a more comedic feel – and also the Exiles travel alternate realities through the nexus so again has alot of connectio to the marvel universe currently.

Jim Rash – Professor X – you cant replace Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy was your best you could of done so why not take a different approach to Charles Xavier – Jim appears in Captain America Civil War as the M.I.T Liason asking stark for donations. Given M.I.T is a teaching environment working with stark for donations. He is Charles Xavier. This small cameo maybe one of the biggest ways you could introduce the creation of the illuminati and The X-MEN. But let me point something else out, very soon after that scene Jim Rash appears in Tony meets that woman that shows a picture of her son who died because of the avengers. This spurs on the whole Cival War movie. but as i said Tony doesnt trust government or shield so its at this point he has to put his ironman as the face of the government which he is against. so it would make sense that at that moment he would need another team. Even walking back to the M.I.T Liason whom could be Professor X and takes more of an interest. Thus the Illuminati formaton and the x-men.

Now there are more Community connections hell Brie Larson was Danny Pudi’s girlfriend in community and she went on to be Captain Marvel. but its not realtive to the formation of the x-men so im just going to skip right towards who i think should make up the rest of the cast.


i already have Professor X, Nightcrawler, the mother of storm and Morph. for the rest of the x-men you would only just have to go back to community to see it.

Jeff Winger aka Joel McHale the lead role of community could be your wolverine.
Gillian Jacobs could be your Jean Grey
Alison Brie could be your Rogue.

i have two more characters i think should be in the mix, Gambit and Cyclops for that i would cast James Franco and his brother Dave Franco

Not that Gambit and Cyclops is realted, been a long time since ive ready the comics and i swear i read somewhere that Gambit was a secret summers brother but ultimately Dave Franco is the realife partner of Alison Brief so having him as Gambit and her as rogue would have great chemistry.

Finally now you know all the elements in play i will give you my X-Men plot including the villians and story.

Tony Stark forms the Illuminati to form a support team of heros to act as a back up – with the help of Professor X – the X-Men are formed, consisting of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Nightcrawler and Morph. As the Thunderbolts take over control in an oppessive manor and the avengers are lacking numbers the X-Men step in to take down the corrupt thunderbolts. Their first mission to a compound for the Thunderbolts ultimate weapon “The Sentinals” however Professor X is seemingly killed in the processes and the X-Men are on the run. unable to communicate with each other.

Jean Grey, Cyclops, storm and Wolverine who manage to stick together are rescued by Magneto an old friend of Professor X, Magneto explains that he has been forming his own resistance group “The Brotherhood” to fight against the sentinal programe. However all of his followers that have gone on missions to the facility as been captured. Jean learns that Nightcrawler, Gambit, Rogue are captured their and agree to team up with magneto to rescue the mutants. Whilst their they fight against the smaller Nimrod sentinals controlled by Bastion, Trask right hand man. However Bastion betrays trask in building mastermold. – The X-Men with Magneto rescue the captured mutants and reuinites for a common cause.

Mastermold proves to powerful and thus the team are rescued by Xavier who appears to be alive and using some kind of onslaught inspired psychic armour. He was able to survive because Morph pretended to be Xavier which xavier manipulated him in doing so. seeing this revelation Magneto realises how powerful a threat his fried professor x can become and thus differs in views. the mutants are split devided by Professor X and Magnetos views

The film is relatively a short outing. but the reason for this is because we dont know how the MCU will include the universe so all ive done is provided a short narrative story that could introduce alot of x-men characters and begin a new much bigger MCU universe.

the sequels will be much bigger in terms of story and avoids putting too much on an x-men origin with a new origin but one that is a key to everything and not just the x-men.